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We’re picky…and proud of it!

We’ve built the InTELaTECH product line very carefully over the years..We’re highly discriminating about the products we select – our good name and that of the other products we sell, depends on it.

  • Our research of electronic manufacturers is constant. Our knowledge of product     offerings from upstarts to established businesses is current and extensive.
  • We select products that complement each other.
  • We choose products based on their suitability for a range of application specific solutions.

Our customers appreciate our uncompromising selection standards. Using the right products for the right challenge saves them an enormous amount of time and money. Every time InTELaTECH satisfies another customer with the right solution, we add value to our Principals’ products.


The beauty of multiple-line selling

When we sell your product, we present it as a part of a greater package. New products complement their more established counterparts–products that the customer already purchases from InTELaTECH. This well balanced solution is a win-win situation all around. The customer gets a complete, application-specific solution saving the engineer and buyer time and energy looking for the right solution; recognized products benefit from the lower costs or the latest technology a newer product has to offer; and recognized brands drive newer brands bolstering their sales and business.

The value of experience – leveraging relationships

Our Sales Team’s purchasing relationships run deep – a rock solid foundation of mutual trust, respect and knowledge gained throughout their years of history working together backs every handshake. InTELaTECH Sales Team has decades of collective experience selling and dealing with countless manufacturers, product lines and personalities. Experience of knowing of what works for their customers, their markets and their territory is current and vast – and our customers understand this.






5225 Orbitor Drive , Suite 2
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4W 4Y8
Tel: 905.629.0082
Fax: 905.629.1795
Toll Free: 800.465.2679

300 March Road, Suite 428
Kanata, Ontario
Canada, K2K 2E2
Tel: 800.465.2679

620 Boul St. Jean, Suite 202
Pointe Claire, Quebec
Canada, H9R 3K2
Tel: 800.465.2679

201-Woodford Drive S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2W 6E3
Tel: 800.465.2679

5811 Cooney Road
Suite 305, South Tower
Richmond, B.C.
Canada, V6X 3M1
Tel: 800.465.2679