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Modular Computing Solutions for Embedded Applications

Modular embedded computing solutions. – Innovations include the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus standards. – The EBX form factor LittleBoard for non-backplane, single-board computers, the PC/104 and PC/104 Plus CoreModule SBC. The ETX computers on modules and the low-cost EPIC SBC Series ReadyBoard products and Mini_ITX MightyBoard product line. A family of complete, compact, low-power consumption industrial computer systems..


SD/EMI,Antenna, BLDC Motor Solutions

Amotech is a manufacturer of ceramic based ESD/EMI protection devices, GPS, SDARS and Bluetooth antennas targeting: WWAN, WLAN, FM, Bluetooth, DVB-H, RFID frequency ranges, 3 Axis, 6 Axis and 12 Axis sensors used in LBS, Car Navigation, Game machine, Marine, Electronic Compass applications. High Power LED components and modules, as well as custom products for private label opportunities such as street lighting.


Samsung’s Artik

Samsung's Artik Platform provides Industry Leading IoT Modules and Development Kits that provide an End-to-end, Integrated Smart IoT Platform unifying Hardware, Software, Cloud, Security & a Partner Ecosystems into a Single Integrated Offering.

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Thermal Management Design and Manufacturing

Innovative thermal and packaging solutions ... that work.  With our success in heat sink design and thermal management experience with customers around the world, you can rely on Baknor for innovative cooling solutions for the electronic industry. Our outstanding engineers have special expertise in thermal packaging technology that gets you to market with the best solutions possible.We can provide a turn key solution or work collaboratively with your engineers or build to print your existing design.Products include: BGA Cooling, Heat Sinks Extrusion, Heat Sinks Castings, Heat Sinks Machining, Fin Assemblies,Fan Assemblies,Phase Change Cooling, Heat Pipes, Vapour Chambers, Liquid Cooling, Brazed, Tube Liquid Cold Plates,Thermal Assemblies.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Baknor’s original business was solving customer’s thermal management design problems. Manufacturing was then set up in the Far East to support these solutions.  By offering cost reductions on new and existing designs, customers then asked us to provide the same for their “build to print”, custom metal fabrication requirements.   Baknor Custom Metal Fabrication Includes Value Added Services such as custom latches for your faceplates, wire connections, nameplates, silkscreening, laser and stamped engraving, plating, packaging, assembly, engineering, vendor managed inventory and much more.


With innovative power distribution solutions, our bus bars are available with a variety of materials, insulation and plating for your exact needs. With technical expertise and advanced manufacturing techniques, Baknor provides you with a variety of customized bus bars, with high quality, low cost and precision machining.  Laminated bus bars are custom designed to meet your requirements for many different unique applications.  Benefits are reduced system costs and improved reliability These are made from layers of fabricated copper, separated by thin dielectric materials and laminated into a unified structure.

Printed Circuit Boards

A very wide range of printed circuit boards including but not limited to flexible, rigid-flexible, single sided, double-sided and multi-layer rigid printed circuit boards (up to 60 layers).  Whether your requirements are for large or smaller volumes, we are committed to delivering your product on time with consistent quality.  Metal clad circuit boards use a base metal as an alternative, specifically for heat dissipation.  These are also often referred to as Metal Clad PCBs. The dielectrics used are typically 5 to 10 times as thermally conductive as conventional epoxy-glass and a tenth of the thickness resulting in exponential thermal transfer.

Value Add RF Communications

By partnering with external RF expertise in research and development, production and test, Baknor delivers quality solutions for RF / Microwave Filters. Products include Coupler, Dummy Load, MDAS, Filter, Hybrid, TMA, Filter, Duplexer, Power Splitter, Repeater, Cable Assemblies, and Antenna’s.  Passive Products: 4 x 4 Hybrid, Indoor Combiner, 2 x 2 Hybrid, 900 M Rejection Filter, Same Band Combiner, Power Splitter, Dummy Load, DC Block, Multi-Ba Combiner, POI Monitoring - Active Products: Repeater, Signal Amplifier, Microwave Devices, Tower Mounted Amplifier, RF Unit, Pico, Smart Bias Tee.


Baknor Provides Engineering Services Such As Thermal Analysis, Thermal Design & Simulation, Electro Mechanical Design.  Baknor provides numerous value added secondary services that range from design and engineering support to finishing, assembly and packaging. To ensure that the given design is optimized for manufacturing, we can work with customers to create a design that functions as desired and is produced using the most efficient fabrication methods. Design specifications can be taken from CAD drawings, a sketch, or a physical part th at the customer wishes to be replicated. Once the design has been approved, a prototype can be made for further testing and approval before the entire order is manufactured. These engineering support services are designed to ensure that all customers’ specifications are met prior to running full production.

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Magnetic Components

Our products are widely used in access network, backbone, metro, fiber optic switches, fiber optic transceivers, digital television, optical communication, motherboards, network switches, routers, set-top boxes and network data communication industries. Products include RF Transformers, Inductors, Telecom xDSL transformers and splitters, DC to DC Power Transformers, Integrated RJ45 Jacks, Common Mode Filters, Ethernet Transformers.

Custom Cable and Wire Harnesses

BKR can build to print or let our engineering team design your custom assemblies for quality, cost and delivery. Complete product and tooling design, fabrication, materials processing and selection. Product line includes, Industrial Cable, Medical cable, Wire Harness, Power Cord, USB cable, Video/Audio, RF Cable Ass’y, Flex cable Ass’y, Semi-Flex Cable Ass’y, Semi-Rigid Cable Ass’y for medical, computer, LAN, RF, automotive, communications.

Batteries - Lithium-ion polymer - Carbon NanoTube

Lithium-ion polymer batteries, high quality/performances/capacity ranges from 3mAh to 2000mAh. Batteries for Bluetooth, Ultra thin, Wearables, Radio Controlled, Digital, High Rate, High Voltage, quick charge, battery packs, 18650 cylinder battery.  Carbon Nanotube batteries for 6500mAh / Carbon Nanotube LiFePo4 Battery 48v 20Ah with ultra high speed charging and discharging technology makes it a great choice for e-mobile applications.

Displays - TFT - Monochrome  Graphics - Character LCD modules

Custom and standard displays, Monochrome graphics and character LCD modules in TN, STN and FSTN technologies and TFT LCD Module products. E-IPS Technology display is based on the technical characteristics of the new IPS LCD panel, with 178°wide viewing angle, bright colour and images without smearing . E-IPS panels take the cost-optimized structure panels, which have the same brightness with TN and 72% colour gamut.



Harvatek Corporation  is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips and LEDs with a wide spectrum of applications. The company designs, manufactures, tests, and exports these products to domestic and international OEM manufacturers, trade retailers, and design houses. With the highest quality products, unparalleled customer service, and perpetual emphasis on innovation, Harvatek has become one of the world’s most preferred LED suppliers. Products include High Powered LED, Dot Matrix Displays, Surface Mount Flash, Lamp, PLCC Type, SMD Type, LED Yarn for Wearables, and more.

The increasingly diverse applications seen in this booming LED market have led to the advent of unique and innovative LED products from Harvatek. With the rapid expansion of the personal communications market in recent years, Harvatek has furthered its investment and research into compact surface mount LEDs commonly found in cell phones, PDAs, and notebook computers. This research feeds one of Harvatek’s main goals: to be the world’s leader in SMD LED technology.

Harvatek employs over 800 employees in its offices, including its corporate and manufacturing headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan and its branch office in Shenzhen, China. Harvatek International, the company’s Americas Sales Headquarters, is located in Santa Clara, California. Additionally, Harvatek’s distribution network has a far reach, with sales points originating from all over North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2010, Harvatek finished construction on a 4,881 square meter state-of-the-art production facility in the Hsinchu Science Park. With this new facility, Harvatek has an installed capacity of 1.5 billion units per month and can handle almost any customer request.

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Jianghai is the largest manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors in China providing a broad range of SMD, Radial, Snap-in, Lug and Screw type capacitors..Strong emphasis on the research and development of new products and works closely with the “Aluminium Electrolytic Technology Research Centre” in China to develop advanced technologies. Jianghai has an annual output of 2.3 billion pieces and is 100% Lead Free production.


High Quality/Performance Memory for Network Solution

Netsol provides memory solutions needing low latency, high-speed wide I/Os with longevity and reliability. Networking Application - Quadruple/DDR family and NTRAM/SPB synchronous SRAMs offer optimized performance for switches, hubs, routers, and network servers. Server Application - Data servers are shaped by their L3 caches. The faster the cache - the better the server. Synchronous SRAMs are the fastest in the industry enabling peak performance for computing applications. Netsol is Marketed and Distributed by Samsung C&T

Samsung Semi

PID Digital Displays Solutions

Samsung Public Information Display is a leader in digital panel technology.  Samsung LCD display panels are globally recognized for their professional-grade image quality, high durability and innovative design. Their next-generation digital solutions provide a powerful way to deploy your content and convey your message in a dynamic manner. Video Walls, Outdoor/Indoor Signage, Stretched and Transparent Displays or Interactive Whiteboards.

DRAM, NAND FLASH, SSD (Solid State Drives)

A long-time leader in the DRAM and the most up-to-date DRAM solutions including components and modules for PC, server and mobile applications. A leading manufacturer of NAND flash solutions as the key components for a diversity of mobile and consumer electronics. Advanced SSD products offer the next-generation storage solution. Also, eMMC and UFS mobile solutions, along with graphics memory, embedded and removable flash storage. 

System LSI Application Processors

Samsung Application Processors provide strong performance at minimum power. Leverage their high-performing but low-power-consuming Application Processors to deliver outstanding experiences.  The Exynos Application Processor latest improvement, 14nm FinFET process technology, enables differentiated silicon value when compared to the previous 20nm design.  Boost processing speeds with shorter transistor distances.



TechFind is your high quality Open-Market partner for all your electronic and mechanical component needs. When you have shortages, are looking for cost reductions, or require support for EOL/Obsolete hard to find parts, Techfind will provide you with factory original components for a lot less. All parts are 100% traceable, with fresh date codes, full warranty and sourced strictly from franchise distributors around the world.


Power Conversion Components & Systems

Vicor offers the widest range of input voltages, output voltages, and power levels in the industry. They design, manufacture and market modular power components and complete power systems used in the communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronic markets. Use the combined advantages of Vicor components to create compact, highly functional, economical products with streamlined development cycles that minimize time to market. Products Include: Factorized Power Architecture, DCDC Converters and Power Supplies, AC to DC Converters and Power Supplies, Military Cots Power Converters, Power Supply Accessories.

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