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Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are one of the fastest and most preferred storage devices in the world and an increasing proportion of high-end machines are being equipped with SSDs. But how do your applications benefit from SSDs? How can you make SSDs cost effective? What makes a good SSD?

This white paper takes a closer look at the key components of SSDs and helps you to choose the ideal product for your needs. Also discussed are techniques for avoiding degradation and optimizing performance to allow you to better leverage your SSD investment.









Samsung Consumer DRAM -  Dynamic memory for high-end applications and a multitude of devices

Discover why Samsung's exceptional range of Double Data Rate (DDR) DRAM, DDR2 DRAM, and DDR3 DRAM solutions is unparalleled in today's consumer electronics marketplace. Whether the requirement is blistering speed for handheld gaming or extended temperature ranges for an automotive GPS device, our expertise and leadership in semiconductor memory makes us the preferred supplier for OEMs worldwide.

Put Samsung design advantages to work for you - Samsung's pioneering work in an extensive range of DRAM solutions has created a vast portfolio of consumer and industrial applications. If you're looking for fast clock speeds, extreme memory density, or high bandwidth, Samsung has a solution to suit your design needs.




Skyworks is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment in all its business operations. We understand that our actions today can have environmental impacts tomorrow. Improvements made at our facilities will affect our customers and ultimately consumers. To this end, we have an established ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System by which we operate. We build products in consideration of regulatory and industry requirements, such as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), and offer Lead (Pb)-Free and Green Solutions to meet the needs of our customers in today’s environmentally-conscious market. more...










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